Carla Diwa Yi endorsement Burberry Winter Series

August 26th, 2014

Maybe the hot summer continues, but 2014 is already eager to prepare qiu’s New Clothes occupied major shopping malls. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on August 4, the new season of Burberry clothing to sweaters, thick sweaters and blankets, shawls based, and they are the best spokesperson is none other than non-Carla Diwa Yi.

The British supermodel has had a long-term cooperative relationship with Burberry, Burberry new this season and also its endorsement publicity. Shoot, Carla loose golden hair look shiny.

There along with her co-modeling industry newcomer Ma Laika Firth, while male model aspects include Karume Pohl and Oliver Green.

Responsible for the shooting of a famous fashion photographer Mario Testino is, but the theme of this season is to express the design presented in the artistic spirit, new skills in hand-painted, monogrammed cape and iconic Burberry trench coat for features.

This Burberry UK show called “Bloomsbury Girl”, inspired by the 20th Century England’s most influential elite cultural groups Bloomsbury pie. Models include Kara, including wearing red, yellow and blue knitted blanket cloak, with printed silk scarves and soft leather shoes and bags with hand-painted patterns, demonstrating this vibrant brought to England Burberry Outlet artistic spirit.

Burberry Outlet lead in innovation

August 18th, 2014

Spring colors are bright pink, Burberry 2014 spring and summer series of color with beautiful people get stared, women left the set to be interpreted in “Star you” Gianna Jun, soft colors such as a touch of cream tastes slid mouth, plus openwork lace and knit fabrics such as soft, sweet and sexy girl feeling, no woman can resist. Men have a bright color and vitality, each set is simply a high-end color with teaching, strong but not strong color, the color of fresh and impressive, publicity and the perfect combination of harmony, RGB color mix milk powder turned out to be so beautiful, color progressive levels, although the color is rich, has a British-style taste, unlike American trip exaggerated. To be honest with so few men know how to dress color, not too far is conservative boring.

Rubber on clothing only to think of the majority of boots, it is not elegant material, while Burberry was bold use of rubber as a clothing line material, translucent brown rubber-like amber color and moist, mellow wine, red wine is as attractive. This season still has a waist version of Burberry trench coat and traditions, how to do to keep the classic without tedious behind the times, christopher Bailey for Burberry’s youthful courage to try on the material, the color of the transparent rubber elegant upscale done using on the garments, and retro elements also outline the two mid-60s hot. British style has the advantage of always elegant significant level, more young sense of Burberry Outlet while meeting the requirements of the fashionable people tall.

Burberry this season is a bit drastic to abandon the classic Plaid and break the common profile shape, perhaps a compromise to market reasons. Its bold use of color and metallic luster cloth gradient, the overall use of the cocoon coat design really surprise people to see, strong colors and stylish contours rewrite the past too gentle impression, more fashion sense, much is such a strong color to catch coat dress shirt and tie still have a sense of elegance, violet green red in one sense but also to maintain coordination, like Hu to take on any shape that personality who is the managing color control grandiose demonstration. Although this is the least Burberry season is to lay the foundation for the style after a few quarters, so I think it is a successful attempt, to lead the trend, leading innovation, people like to wear is the key brand endless.

Suki Waterhouse ties together Divergent follow up rebel

August 10th, 2014

Suki Waterhouse ties together Divergent follow up rebel

Suki Waterhouse may be going in order to hd!

u! Headline enjoys secured in which it Bradley Cooper’s special lady signed up with operation the Divergent with regard to edition trilogy’s second, Rebel. Your 22 years old may perhaps be throw as Marlene, A person in the Dauntless faction what individual befriends Shailene Woodley’s attitude Tris.

Waterhouse is an english example who has a meet associated Burberry, And worked as kitchen staff on plans to produce Swatch, They would on top of that maximum facilities, Amongst others. Their functioning loans comprise of Pusalso hdthe telly course product ex-girlfriend.

Theo harry, Ranges Teller, Ansel Elgort, Kate Winslet, Jai Courtney coupled with Zo Kravitz are likewise generating to make rebel.

Cultivation for your second installing setup immediately in the atlanta area.

Its film’s piece of land specializes in Tris(Woodley) For the reason that this girl pursuit of companions and as well, results throughout the dystopian damages found in a advanced chi town. In this article in the trilogy, Tris and moreover Four(Brandon) Are available fugitives away from home, Sought after by means of Jeanine(Winslet), The head of the pressure eager Erudite professional.

Rushing up trying to fight any working hours, They must determine what Tris’s parents sacrificed ones worlds safeguard, Exactly why the Erudite market commanders will do almost everything to stop these kind of people.